Vito Delsante (incogvito) wrote,
Vito Delsante

Power of/to The People

Here's what we're gonna do...

You, my friends and associates, are going to help me get Dean Haspiel, aka man_size, an issue of SOLO. Here's why:

1. I get to do a WILDCAT story with him.
2. Dean gets to do Kirby characters (OMAC anyone?)
3. Dean gets to do an OPPOSABLE THUMBS story
4. Think of the creators that just might be involved...Walt Simonson, Howard Chaykin, Bill Sienkiewicz, Josh Neufeld...

So, now you're saying, "Ok, I'm in. What do I do?"


E-mail a message sort of like this one:

"Dear DC Editors,
I'm a big fan of your comic, SOLO. And I think a SOLO issue done by Dean Haspiel would be great."

Go on to extol Dean's artwork and storytelling. Name projects of his that you like (very important). And most importantly, SIGN YOUR E-MAIL. No anonymous e-mails. We want them to know who you are.

If you want to name a specific editor, name Mark Chiarello...he is the editor of SOLO.

When you are done, post this same message on your LiveJournal, blog, whatever.

This can be done. If they can save SPIDER-GIRL a million times, we can get our friend an issue of a comic.

Do it now. Do it today. And let it ring.

SOLO by Dean Haspiel

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